Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Nimkie Nongkie Turns 5!

We turn 5 on the 19th July. Nothing grand, no dates, no outings. The husband has been sick ever since he got back. He went twice for a check up to the hospital. They ran a couple of blood test. First to see if it was dengue. The next was to check if it was arthritis or even gout that causes his joints to ache. Both tests came back negative. Which is good but the thing is he's still sick. He is referred to a joint specialist tomorrow to see what's really going on. I am only praying nothing else is wrong and that he is only fatigue from all his travels.

no dates, no celebration but ok this will do
the darya's creation - hello kitty chocolate chip cookie

the accidental mexican dinner

so the piping bag burst. i rallied my kitchen elves to manually create the churros. 

being sick is not funny. not funny when you don't know what it is
i pray and hope all is good with the husband
we need him, i need him.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Misadventure of Darya and the Missing Tooth.

Why hello there.

Didn't realize I went on a 2 weeks MIA here.


The husband is back home. He will be in Singapore for a good one month before he heads off to Windies again 2nd week of Eid.

Good news is we get to celebrate our 5th year anniversary this year!

The Aby is FINALLY back. Yey to us girls!

Baked them boys some strawberry chocolate cheese cake with cheesy frosting. Twas' the brother's 29th birthday so it was a double celebration yum yum.

Had to take child care leave last Friday. The kid got into high fever; went on and off a couple of weeks. The gum surrounding her chipped tooth got swollen and her tooth has that bluish blackish effect. 

Went to the dentist at Dental Essence at Tudor Court and the dentist who looks like a uncanny resemblance to Hugh Grant said that it is best that they referred us to a specialist at Kids Dental World. Apparently the impact of her fall has affected the nerve. Pretty much dead and they suggested for an extraction. 

The only way to extract her tooth is to sedate her and be in the operating theatre. I am ok with that.  Seriously after her hand surgeries she had to go through before she was even ONE, all these doesn't really affect me as bad anymore. 

I am calm and collected.


Of course, as her mother, i was SLIGHTLY nervous to be going through the General Ana session again. The first experience left me all shook up and I even made the husband to accompany her for the 2nd surgery.

Unfortunately, this time round the husband was not well. With limping legs and fever to mend, I played the hero to witness my daughter go all limp-y and weak in my arms.

No drama this time round. No tears. I strong! 

Surgery was a short 10 minutes. I expected screams, bawlings and thrashing. Amazingly none of that happened. I underestimated and overanalyzed things sometimes. The dentist and the crew sang praises for Drama saying that she was very well behaved post-surgery! She woke up looking for me. No tears. No drama.

Yey to that. I would now like to thank Dr Ong from Kids Dental World. She was amazing in handling Darya as compared to the dentist we went to in SGH, we had to chase her around the clinic. Not that i am saying they are bad lah but somehow Dr Ong managed to coax Darya into opening her mouth for a check. She was very patient and gentle with her.

Big ups.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Project Darya Doll House


The price of a proper doll house is absurd and currently, the Drama has shown interest in one. So i thought what the heck, I will build her one instead!

Went out cycling to hunt for boxes last night and found a couple of nice ones. 

yeaaa, a good excuse to work it sister, you are getting heavier 

oo KY Jelly boxes. ladies and germ, i'm afraid these are not the jellies for your kids' consumption 

Created our own paper dolls from recycled papers and used tissue rolls.

i spy with my little eye; things we can do for this project yeehaaaw~

voila! the future occupiers for The Project Darya Doll House!

Will update as we go along our project!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Tale of the Dirty Uncle and His Underground House

While in Bali, I decided to do a last minute trip to Nusa Lembongan with Darya and Mama. 

During our day trip there, I chose the guided bike trip (since there are no vans or whatevers besides buggies) and after going around the island viewing the mangroves, the sea weed farms and the bridge linking to Ceningan, they suggested the underground house. I thought why the hell not.

Just a quick background history of this place. Gala Gala Underground House was 'dug' by a one man show; Made Byasa over a period of 15 years dated back in 1961 to 1975, using only a hammer and chisel. The house is completely carved from stone. There is a kitchen area, living room, meditation place.

There was an old caretaker; apparently the grandchild to the builder of the underground house, who acts as a guide for the tour.

What was i seriously thinking. I went on alone for the tour as Darya started freaking out as we were descending into the 'hole'. Firstly; i have claustrophobia. Secondly, the place gives me the hibbie jibbies. Thirdly, dirty groping uncles are just bad, bad, bad! (super flashback from bad childhood with uncles like that!!!) =(

So once inside, I started to hyperventilate and panicked. It was dark and moving around the area was pretty tight. I told him I want to go out as soon as I took a couple of steps in. He tried to coax me to stay for just a short while and that was when he started to touch me at my lower back. I thought it was an accident since you know the place was small and tight but instead of leading me back up, he guided me further inside and did it again when he tried to show me the area where he claimed there is natural water beneath.  I could feel his hand brushing near my breast area under my armpit. I practically jumped aside, panicked because I could not see anything and I don't want to aggravate an old man who might abandon me underground.  Even with the torchlight given, it was not bright enough. I raised my voice and insisted that I want to end the tour now. "SAYA TAK SUKA, SAYA MAU KE ATAS!" i demanded. I scrambled back up as fast as I could when I found the stairs up.

I was charged Rupiah 10,000 but when he found out i was not local, he decided to increase the price to 20,000. No doubt it was a small amount compared to our rate but i felt cheated.

It was an uncomfortable experience, besides being groped at, the place is a little on the creepy side. I do hope no girls would have to experience this. It was after that creepy experience that i read that other girls faced the same 'touchy'  uncle cikopek problem in the Trip Advisor's forum listed here:


Don't let this bad experience ruin your whole stay in beautiful Nusa Lembongan. 

Avoid this place at all cost!


the face before the bad experience.

uncle, i hope you stop doing what you are doing.
you do believe in karma and retribution right?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thank YOU & Goodbye

I was doing ok up till when i saw photos posted on my social media.

I was a little hurt but i guess I will move on soon enough, only time will tell.

It's ok Erda.

...your words still ringing in my head. Let me float away then.

"Ok I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on. Thanks & bye"