Saturday, 20 December 2014

All Choked Up

It's Saturday 0554hours and I am wide awake. I am floating on clouds. I have been having difficulty in breathing recently and it annoys me. It reminded me of the days when I was on tramadol right after my knee surgery. I was suddenly awaken by this choking feeling and I thought I was dying. I need fresh air. I limped myself out of bed, slamming windows open and struggling with my breathing; desperately needing air into my lungs. Now, it's happening again, only thing is I am not on any medication and this is getting rather frequent. Doctors had run a couple of tests and I am in good health. But this choking, claustrophobic, tight feeling in my chest keeps coming back. Whenever I get into this "attack", I just want to strip off everything. Especially what is around my wrist. Deep breathings sometimes help, unfortunately sometimes it doesn't. It hurts the worst when I am laying down. I have to sit up or walk it off. The feeling of somebody sitting on your chest is no fun. Darth Vader, stop your jedi mind tricks on me dood. It's not funny.

Deep breathing Erda, easy does it.

30 days challenge will be right back.

all choked up on cupcakes anyone?

Friday, 19 December 2014

Day 6: In Your (Work)Bag

Day 6: What's In Your Bag

My trusty Volcom bag. Because I trust her not to fail on me. 


This faithful work bag of mine has been with me for over 5 years now and showing no signs of wear and tear ok! It it still serving its purpose. 

Even the inner lining of the bag is still intact.

I present to you my wallet. Given by my husband who got it for me from Primark in London at quite a steal. We are suckers for cheap stuff yo!


Oh, my entertainment. My coloring pencils and sharpies for my random doodles in the train. My bill book, my doodle scribble book and my diary to pen down to do list, appointments, what to pay blablabla. 

I am very aunty-aunty ok. I get frequent dizzy spells so Tigerbalm and Balsem Helang (which in my opinion is stronger than tiger balm) are my bestfriends. Also to rub on my itchy skin before I scratch my skin raw.

Oh hand sanitizer as well as the nice smelling one.

I bring my thumbdrive everywhere I do not know why. Hah. My headphones, also a gift from The Husband who knows I have a thing for bulky headphones instead of earpieces and also the ipod that I used to bring out for runs. So the songs in there are mostly my workout/running songs.

My vanity kit - the lipbalm and the Bad Gal kohl eyeliner.

Also my Ezlink card as well as my home keys. The dark force controls it. 


I stashed the umbrella and a tote bag in the bag as well. For the last minute grocery calls from my Mom telling me to grab stuff and it helps a hell lot, without having me to juggle with a lot of bags in the bus.

There you go, my work bag ransacked for you to see.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hello Happy Surprise Day To You!

Monday 15th 1829hours
The Husband don't know it yet but I am kidnapping him for his super advanced birthday which falls on 12th January but since he will be going away for a month  again, I thought hey why not now when he had his leaves approved. (I wanted to suprise him with Bali or Krabi, alas the flight tickets cost a bomb this time of the year! Like gasp SGD2000 for 2 adult 1 child to Krabi!? SGD1000++ for Bali's. Ok no, we shall make use of the money for things that needed priority.

A staycation it is. 

Within a short period of time, hotel booked. Cupcakes booked.

Brains, go work wonders!

Tuesday 16th
Bag for staycation packed! T-minus 8 hours till he touch down!

Thursday 18th
12pm: As we speak, I told him to meet me at Parkway Parade with the little miss while I go grab the cupcakes. I am running out of ideas on what to "lie" hahahaa. I went on stealth mode as I slipped the haversack out from the house earlier. 

Right now I am perspiring buckets waiting for the cab with this bag packed for 3. On top of that an almost half an hour plus under this hot sun is no joke bro. *faint* 

1245pm: Had a little miscommunication with the baker earlier on. Rang her doorbell for a couple of times, called and text to no reply. I was waiting outside her door for a good 10minutes before the maid handed over the goodies. It's all good, off I go. Goodies in my hand now. Muahahaha 

1330: Caved in and told him to meet me at the Mercure Roxy ahahah.

Hello from 13th floor! Hello East Coast Beach from afar!

End result?

The little miss was more excited than the Aby.

Happy a little too advanced 36th Old Boy! Me love you long time!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 5: Back To The Future, The Childhood Years

Day 5: Top Childhood Memories

A few hours to go before The Husband land his arse back in Singers! Excited much! So here I am blogging my Day 5 to kill time (and to suppress the joy bubbling within me! wee! *slow cartwheels around the house*)

Who is that animated girl making faces? That's me. The quieter, meek looking one is my younger sister.

My mom said if I want to know how i was back when I was small, I don't have to look far, just look at my little human and she will reflect the old me. Apparently she 'inherited' my not being able to sit still and talkative traits. 

Check out our Mickey Mouse teapotty ears. me think this was at Happy World also known as Gay World. I kid you not the name was that.

us girls chilling on the steps of our kampung house

I love my sister, I really do. I was also over protective over her.  I wouldn't let any strangers or men touch her. Mom said I would throw pebbles at them or pretend to make them pick me up and bite them.



We used to stay in a kampung (village) called Kampung Melayu Kaki Bukit at Jalan Abdul Aziz. We lived there until the age of 5 - 6 years. We had to vacate the place in 1984-85, by force, because the government bought the land over and they were building up the area which I believe is now Bedok Reservoir Road and Jalan Tenaga. My mother was then heavily pregnant with my brother. 

Memories of my childhood during my kampung days are amazingly vivid in my mind. I can recollect them very well.

this was taken right in front of the house. oh i love being among thee trees. 

My sister and I spent many hours climbing trees with their low branches and then screaming at my mom because we got stuck and couldn't climb down. Along with my cousins, we would be running through the field and getting our legs cut by lalangs.  Us kid would go wild chasing chickens and discovering huge wicker baskets which were used as traps for chicken in the middle of the field. My mom would yell and reminded us to be careful of snakes and monkeys. 

huge wicker baskets used to trap chickens
photo taken from:

The 4 of us lived in a huge house. Something like the photo below.

We were given the basement 'unit' since my father was the youngest son from his 12-13 siblings so he had to give way to his 2 elder sister who were staying with their huge family. Like almost all the other kampongs, ours was built on half concrete and half wooden. The kitchen was all cemented. The toilet was built outside and you do your business in this huge bucket and there will be this old Chinese uncle collecting them every end of the day. The smell was...awesome.

the basement unit. me seen climbing on the wall and couldn't get down. 

Our little unit would get flooded each time there was a heavy downpour. I remembered helping out to scoop the water into the pail and throwing it outside. We would be excited when it was raining because that only means we would be racing boats in the drains and on non rainy days, catching tadpoles and putting them in jars. Also, the drains was where the poop sometimes land. Surprisingly we didn't catch any disease from playing in the drains hehee.

In the afternoon, the Indian guy who sell fresh bread will come ringing his bicycle bell. Roti Kaya on a French loaf was always something to look forward to.

We would go buy our knick-knack at somebody's house which acted as the kampung's grocery store. Mom would give us some money and a list in hand, waited halfway for us to go get the items. 

this was the route we took to welcome my dad coming back from work on his vespa. 

My parents LOVED using the scare tactic on me when I misbehaved (apparently, between me and the sis, i got a lot of punishment). One, they would lock me out of the house at night and I remembered banging on the door to let me in. Don't they know how that scarred me foreverrrr. I get spooked easily up till today. The kampong atmosphere and the 'spooky' stories that come along with it, totally ruined my imagination. Another is they would put me in this huge tempayan naga (just like the photo below, used to store water mostly) and I would be screaming and freaking out. I loathed the dragon carvings on that vase. I do not even want to be near it. I was scared of it till I was a grown up, can you believe it??

be gone you scary tempayan!

There was a huge fence separating the road and our house. One time, my dad's van crashed into the fence and went straight into the kitchen. I remembered the whole lot of them tried to pull the van out of the kitchen, already half destroyed.

me in the van that crashed into the kitchen

I remembered having a lot of misadventures. Falling off my dad's motorbike, along with the motorbike, the handlebar almost missed my eyes by a few centimeters. I was left with a scar right below my eye, faded over the years. I remembered carrying my dad's weights from his gym set and dropping it on my toe, leaving my toenail missing and bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital and only got my toe wrapped up. I remembered my dad bringing home a huge python (there is a photo as proof! i need to coax my dad to let me scan it ahhaha) 

We were the last family to leave the kampung. Everyone had moved out to their pigeon holes of choice. The huge machines started rolling in and knocking down most of the houses flat. Ours stood still. My sister and I would run into empty houses, half torn down and finding treasures. 

I had a good childhood even though there was an incident that kind of haunt us for a bit. 

Overall, my childhood kampung days rock!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day 4: I Like You, I Like You Not.

...since I blogged yesterday, technically its a day of blogging right? hahaha. here i present to you day 4!

Day 4: 10 Likes & Dislikes 
...also known as my turn ons and turn offs. 

10 Likey Likeys :) In no particular order whatsoever.
1. I like running away from Singapore on an impromptu basis.
The adrenaline rush in doing things spontaneously, gives me the natural high.

2. Putting a smile on other people's faces especially the the ones i love and caaare~
Oh the things I would do to you, ooo ooo to make you happy, my love. 

3. Surprises!
Yea gimme that pleasant heart attacks now and then, thanks. Oh, that unexpected hugs, cuddles and kisses on the forehead, thank you.

4. Laughter and smiles. 
I still need my happy place, you know even when I am down. I laugh at my stupidity, I laugh at my plight, I laugh at my sorry state of affairs.

5. Momentarily drowning myself into water. Ok fine, it is called submerge but I want to be a bad poet for a while can? So yes, drowning myself, play dead listening to nothingness underwater, calm and composed. Ahh. Daydreaming and block out everything for a short moment. Water bliss. 

6. Art & music. Not the one you do in school. I feel restricted when I have to do what the system asked me to, sooo my choice of doing it my way maketh me happy. Ahh freedoooom!

7. Booooks. gimme gimme gimme. 

8. Coffee makes my day complete. *kiss my cuppa skinny latte* I WUFF YEW BEBEEEE

9. Long talks. Aimless ramblings. Jumping from one topic to another in a short period of time. 

10. Getting lost. My kinda version. Lost in translation, lost in other people's country, lost in my own thoughts, lost in the rain. Just to lose my messed up mind. =)

running away is my best forte.

This goes along my list of pet peeves.

10 No Likey Likeys >:( In no particular order whatsoever.
1. Imitators and no sense of originality. Please, I will like you better if you are playing you, not trying so hard to be somebody you are not.  

2. No sense of urgency when doing things that needed to be done pronto. I grit my teeth watching you move in sloth mode dude.

3. Slow walkers who road block my way! I swear! *fist pumps in air* People who are on their phones watching movie, playing games, texting while going in the bus/train, up down elevator, into lift LIKE HELLO!!! MOVE ASIDE PEOPLE!!

4. Downers, self-pitying, emotional blackmail. People who keeps complaining but not doing anything about it. Go away. - why you rain on my parade you sad people?

5. Champion talkers, you know those who think they are the best in the world nobody can 
challenge kinda people? Obnoxious.

6. People who takes advantage of me. Me being trustworthy and oh so kind, oh woe is poor me yes? *rolls eyes* People who breaks promises. ESPECIALLY when it comes to money. 

7. When somebody makes me annoyed, somehow I noticed I will separate myself from that person because they suffocate and cramp my style. Also, I will unleash my oh so nice choice of words upon them! BEGONE YOU IMBECILES! I can be pretty murderous when I get pissed. BUT that is another story, I am working on my anger management right?

8. 1000 people around you yet none gives a helping hand. THIS OUTRAGE ME VERY MUCH! Why do i have to do everything around here people? *slap forehead against keyboard* 

9. Screaming, yelling people. All IQ, zilch EQs .Unfortunately, I am dealing with this insanity for 13 years.

10. Referring to all the dislikes above, I am easily irritated by things/human beings. So I no likey my own anger and temper. 

Strangely, I keyed in my dislikes faster than my likes. Why Erda. See how I am easy to please yet I am also easily irritated. 

There goes my 10 likes and dislikes. The list could have be longer though ahha. 

you disappoint me humans.