Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dear Diary, I Had My First Claustrophobic Attack the air that is.

I usually had those attacks while on a super packed bus or trains. Of course, for those modes of transport, I could easily scramble my way out, gasping for air to the next exit. The question is where do I exit while on air? 

It was a red-eye flight. The sudden silence, the buzzing sound of still air and a sudden thought ran across my mind - 'how do people coped with those 24hours flight'. 

Suddenly the all too familiar feeling crept over me. I frantically tapped across the seat towards my sleeping husband who almost always hibernated through his sleep. I had nobody, but myself to stay in control. I felt as if the ceiling was closing onto me. That sharp pain stabbing my heart. I can't breathe. I can't. I shut my eyes tight and count to bajillion sheeps, zikr, mutters some prayers anything, anything to stop this; my heartbeat fastened, I was breaking out into a cold sweat. Distressed, I took off my shawl leaving my inner headgear on me. I still feel choked up. I remove everything off my head. Thank god we chose the last row at the back. I was this close to ripping off my shirt as I felt this choking feeling tightening around my neck and chest. I swore I felt like dying. It's as if the ceiling above me is closing on me and cramping my space. I tried deep breathing but ended up short and fast. My chest hurts as I tried breathing deeper. I struggled to focus on what was in front of me. My knees were wobbly and I felt like fainting on my seat. With one arm over my sleeping son, the other I gripped my seat tightly and composed myself. I then scrambled for the earpiece. Music. Music will distract me. This too will pass; I consoled myself as I tried holding back my panicky tears listening to some 90's alternative music.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Keio Plaza Experience

So after a lot of brain-breaking sessions to decide on a some place that is not burning our pockets deep, yet accessible accommodation; we finally settled on Keio Plaza in Shinjuku.  

As mentioned in the previous post: 

The Pros
1. The Airport Limousine stops right in front of our hotel and per trip at roughly SGD36.
3,100.00 JPY=36.5072 SGD

2. The almost anything you want is within reach.



3. The famous Shinjuku train station is just 7minutes walking distance from our hotel. (but with a pre-schooler and an infant, go figure haha). Otherwise, if you exit on the right side of the hotel, there is a tunnel that links to the Shinjuku subway station. I think roughly it was a 5minutes walk plus a travellator. I preferred the outside walk though, there is so much to see. 

there ahead is our train station my friends. 

there you go. a good walk around the neighborhood before reaching the craziness of the station.

4. Complimentary Good Neighbor Shuttle bus that took about 70minutes from our hotel to Disneyland Tokyo. But me thinks it took us way faster than 70minutes.

The Cons
1. A little on the expensive side.
2. Breakfast is not inclusive.
3. You need to pay to enter the swimming pool. Like pfft, who does that right? HAHA, but thank god we have no intention of swimming because was raining heavily (to the extent of flooding in certain areas) and we were pretty much outside, getting ourselves lost.

4. We can't exchange the timing once we booked the seats to Disney. This is our fault, but I feel they could at least bend a little on rules. They did say once booked, no changing of timing. But ok this is seriously our fault. We were too confident and eager to book a seat from 630am to 1045pm. Imagine we ran out of what to do in Disney after 7pm and we still had to endure another 3.5hours more! I am staying away from Disney for 1000 years because of this. Riiiight. Haha. 

Anyways, other awesomeness worth mentioning. 

Our porter ladies and gents, even though we said IT'S OK! WE CAN MANAGE, she insisted on carrying and pushing our HIGH heels no less yo.


The kid received a goody bag of a hanky, bedroom slippers and toothbrush toothpaste set. I think it's  nice that they think of the young ones. Japanese being the kawaii culture, this is thumbs up!

And oh hello Shiseido toiletries! 

Shiseido toiletries! Yey to branded facial wash! Haha There's even a bathtub in the toilet. For travellers who frequent Tokyo, they will know that  most standard of the rooms is pretty tight and small. Our room is quite spacious. Previously, during our last visit here, the husband and I had to squeeze through our way to the bathroom and the room. This room was big enough to even roll around the floor hahaha.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building  which is the tallest building and free and has observatory decks to view the whole of Tokyo is right across our hotel BUUUT sadly we didn't get to go. (then again there were a lot of plans abandoned due to 1 screaming infant and 1 tired child haha)    

across the road and posing in front of our hotel

There is a convenience store at the basement of the hotel called SEIKATSU SAIKA. Opens at 5 am till 2 am (if I'm not wrong). We frequent this store because we are munchies monsters..AT MIDNIGHT.
chilling and munching while waiting for our bus.

Keio Plaza is huge. There are a few restaurants, shops and nursing room (thumbs up for that!)  The check in area are so busy so we chill around the lobby area (which is on the other side of the hotel) while waiting for our bus.

There is also a currency changer machines located at the lobby. I think this is a pretty sweet idea. Anytime you need a change of the dollar dollar bills yo, slot it right in my friends!

A huge hotel with a lot of conveniences and amenities within the hotel and around, what not to love. 

With that I end this with, we will be back! To Keio Plaza the next time we are in Japan! 


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ammar Rafael Turns Six!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Kid Turns 4

The kid turns 4 today. 

Sometimes I wonder if she feels out now that her brother is around. I am still finding my time to balance both. The boy is a milk monster and only prefers me over the rest (besides his Nenek).  I miss my dates with my girl. I miss spending time with her. I will try my bestest to re-organise my time to be with my little babe more

This mummy guilt eh, got to stop. I am doing my best, yes I am.

I wanted to change this blog name after giving birth to the boy. Then I thought, 'Nah, I will just leave it be till don't know when'.

She is my first love. Will forever be my first. 

I hope you enjoy your birthday trip babe.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Updates In 60minutes

Ok I lied, I'll probably procrastinate and type this post out hours or even days later. 
Let's see how it goes.

Time check 2359hours

Sunday 23 August
I mummified the kid.
Sponge duty throughout the night. 
Kid was rambling and talking nonsense at 39deg.


Sunday 30 August
This boy landed himself in the hospital for 2 nights.
He got admitted for acute bronchiolitis.
With that, they found that he is anemic and has eczema as well. 
Thank god his chest xray was normal.

Friday 4th 
The kid ran a high fever, once again.
As soon as she recovered, I fell sick over the weekends.

Yes, welcome to being sick back to back.

Tuesday 8th September 
My sister gave birth to her 3rd hero
Meet Raziq Hadi bin Mohammed Farid!

Only Allah knows how much I miss these big boys and hello newbie, if Allah wills it, we will meet.

Monday 14th 
Back from Tokyo!
How did the trip go?

How did our flight go?
Screaming 5month old and dealing with claustrophobic while in the plane for the first time ever?
No good.

Story on these coming soon.

Tuesday 15th
I joined a kick boxing class.
I need to get things off my head and chest. 
The only way is for me to combat these has always been by being active. 
My kind of medication. 
My kind of distraction.
Plus seriously, after being cut up twice, my belly looks like Homer Simpson going crazy on his Duffs. 
No likey saggy, out of shape-ness body.
Pooch be gone!

End post.
Time check 0030hours

Eyy not bad leh, I managed to clock in less than an hour. 
Pat self on the back laah!